Portable Emergency Tent Hiking Charging Flashlight Hook Camping Light

Portable Emergency Tent Hiking Charging Flashlight Hook Camping Light

Short Description:

1. Material: ABS+PC

2. Lamp beads: LED+tungsten

3. Lumen: 300LM/10W/30W

4. Charging voltage: 3.7V/Charging current: 3A

5. Mode: Front lights on – tungsten filament light low on – medium on – high on

6. Battery: Built in polymer lithium battery 1200mAh

7. Product size: 147 * 90mm/Net weight: 209g

8.Color box size: 125 * 95 * 105mm/Total weight: 280g

9. Color: Milk white, green

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Product Details

This LED light, resembling a robot in appearance, is not only a beautiful decoration, but also a multifunctional lighting artifact. Having it at home, you are not afraid of power outages. In emergency situations, it immediately transforms into an emergency flashlight to protect your safety. When camping outdoors, it is your right-hand man, holding a camping light to illuminate your adventure path. With a maximum illumination distance of 80 meters, whether it's exploring the environment or illuminating the road, you can handle it calmly. The top warm floodlight brings you a warm lighting experience, with three levels of adjustment to meet your different lighting needs. Continuous use of up to 12 hours of ultra long battery life allows you to worry free. This LED light is a powerful assistant in your life and also the best choice for your lighting.


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· With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, we are professionally committed to long-term investment and development in the field of R&D and production of outdoor LED products.

· It can create 8000 original product parts per day with the help of 20 fully automatic environmental protection plastic presses, a 2000 ㎡ raw material workshop, and innovative machinery, ensuring a steady supply for our manufacturing workshop.

· It can make up to 6000 aluminum products each day using its 38 CNC lathes.

· Over 10 employees work on our R&D team, and they all have extensive backgrounds in product development and design.

· To satisfy the requirements and preferences of various clients, we can offer OEM and ODM services.

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