Multifunctional foldable USB desk light camping light

Multifunctional foldable USB desk light camping light

Short Description:

1. Material: ABS+PS

2. Product bulbs: 3W+10SMD

3. Battery: 3*AA

4. Function: One push SMD lamp is half-bright, two push SMD lamp is full-bright, three push SMD lamp is on

5. Product size: 16*13*8.5CM

6. Product weight: 225g

7. Scene of use: dry battery multi-purpose portable light, can be used as desk light, camping light

8. Product color: blue pink grey green (rubber paint) blue (rubber paint)

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Product Description

The multifunctional design makes the lamp interesting and practical.
As a camping lamp, it is convenient to carry and waterproof, with two types of lights that can be switched between high light and soft light.
As a table lamp, it has a 180-degree rotatable lamp head, which meets multiple usage angles.
3. Used as a flashlight, it uses a spotlight cup for strong lighting. Shoot from a distance of 100 meters.

Material: ABS+PS
Product bulb: 3W+10SMD
Battery: built-in 18650 1500 mA, USB charging cable can be backfilled
Input/output: input 5V output 4.2V
Charging time: about 3 hours, discharge time: about 5 hours
Function: One push SMD light is half lit, two push SMD lights are all lit, and three push SMD lights are on
Product size: 16 * 13 * 8.5CM
Product weight: 240g
Usage Scenario: Multifunctional portable lamp, which can be used as a table lamp, camping lamp, and charging treasure
Product color: blue pink gray green (rubber paint) blue (rubber paint)


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