High quality solar motion sensor dimmable LED street lights

High quality solar motion sensor dimmable LED street lights

Short Description:

1. Material: ABS+PS

2. Bead model: COB/Number of wicks: 108

3. Battery: 2 x 186502400 mA

4. Running time: Approximately 12 hours of human induction

5. Product size: 242 * 41 * 338mm (unfolded size)/Product weight: 476.8 grams

6. Color box weight: 36.7 grams/complete set weight: 543 grams

7. Accessories: remote control, screw pack

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Product Details

This solar light has 6 different appearances, which can be selected according to market demand. They have the same lumen and illumination levels. Waterproof, energy-saving and easy to install. Eliminates the trouble of wiring and maintenance. There are three modes to switch between. Equipped with a remote control for remote switching.

This solar light uses advanced solar photovoltaic technology to automatically charge and provide long-lasting lighting at night. Its waterproof design allows it to work normally in various harsh weather conditions, without worrying about rain damage to the lamp. The energy-saving features enable it to effectively reduce energy consumption and conform to the concept of environmental protection.

Installing this solar light is very simple, no complicated wiring is required, just secure the fixture in place and expose the solar panel to the sun. Not only does it save the trouble of installation, but it also saves installation costs for users. In addition, the maintenance of the lamp itself is also very easy, eliminating the need for regular maintenance work, saving the user's time and energy.

This solar lamp not only has stable performance, but also has an exquisite appearance. It has 6 different appearance options to meet the needs of different markets and users. The lighting intensity and battery capacity of these 6 lamps are the same, so no matter which appearance you choose, you can ensure good lighting effects.

In addition, this solar light also has three different modes that can be switched. Users can choose the appropriate mode according to their needs to provide a more personalized lighting experience. The equipped remote control also realizes the remote switch function, which facilitates users to control the turning on and off of lamps from a distance, improving the convenience and comfort of use.

This waterproof, energy-saving and easy-to-install solar light not only has excellent performance, but also incorporates a variety of design elements to meet the needs of different users. It will bring users a convenient and efficient experience and become an ideal choice for outdoor lighting.


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