Two in one multifunctional outdoor fan battery LED camping light

Two in one multifunctional outdoor fan battery LED camping light

Short Description:

1. Material: ABS+PS

2. Lamp bead: LED * 6/Color temperature: 4500K

3. Power: 3W

4. Voltage: 3.7V

5. Protection: IP44

6. Mode 1: Lighting pull up on off, Fan 1: on off

7. Mode 2: Lighting pull up on off, Fan 2: strong weak off

8. Battery: 3 * AA

9. Product size: non stretched 120 * 68mm/stretched 210 * 68mm

10. Product weight: 136g

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Launching a 2-in-1 fan camping light: the perfect companion for outdoor exploration
Our two in one fan camping lights are made of high-quality ABS and PS materials and can withstand any outdoor conditions. Its IP44 rating is waterproof and dustproof, ensuring durability even in harsh environments. Whether you are exploring lush forests or camping on the beach, this emergency light is your reliable companion.
The camping light uses six LED beads with a color temperature of 4500K, emitting bright and clear light, allowing you to see the surrounding environment without feeling tired. A 3W power supply and 3.7V voltage can provide sufficient light for your camping area. Whether you need to set up a tent or sail in the dark, this light can provide cover for you.
Its fan function can provide you with fresh breeze on hot summer days. There are two gears to choose from, and you can adjust the fan speed according to your preferences. Whether you prefer strong or gentle winds, regardless of the temperature, this device ensures your comfort.
Operating this device is very simple. The lights and switches are designed independently, allowing you to control the lighting and fan functions separately.
The two in one fan camping light is powered by three AA batteries, ensuring that it can accompany you on long journeys without worrying about running out of battery. Its compact size is easy to carry and weighs only 136 grams, so it won't feel heavy when exploring outdoors. The compression size is 120 * 68mm, and the expansion size is 210 * 68mm, providing you with versatility and adaptability.

Camping light with fan

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