New solar induction energy-saving waterproof street light

New solar induction energy-saving waterproof street light

Short Description:

1. Product material: ABS+PS

2. Light bulb: 2835 patches, 168 pieces

3. Battery: 18650 * 2 units 2400mA

4. Running time: Normally on for about 2 hours; Human induction for 12 hours

5. Product size: 165 * 45 * 373mm (unfolded size)/Product weight: 576g

6. Box size: 171 * 75 * 265mm/Box weight: 84g

7. Accessories: remote control, screw pack 57

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Product Details

This LED solar lamp is made of high-quality ABS+PS material and can withstand the worst weather conditions. SMD2835168 lamp beads ensure excellent brightness, allowing you to enjoy a clear and bright environment.
This LED solar lamp is equipped with a powerful battery of 18650 * 2/2400mAh, providing excellent running time.
LED solar lights offer three different options to meet various daily lighting needs. In the first mode, the light will light up for about 25 seconds after sensing the human body. The second mode changes from weak light to strong light in 25 seconds. The third mode provides continuous low intensity light.
It is specifically designed for human sensing, ensuring brightness during human presence and subtle luminescence during human absence. This feature makes it an excellent choice for enhancing garden safety.
This LED solar wall lamp has an expanded size of 165 * 45 * 373mm, is compact and lightweight, and weighs only 576 grams. The attached remote control is easy to operate. In addition, it also comes with a screw pocket, providing an easy installation experience.
LED solar wall lamps not only provide bright and long-lasting lighting, but also significantly save energy. By utilizing solar energy, it eliminates the need for traditional power sources, reduces carbon footprint, and saves electricity bills.
LED solar wall lamps prioritize safety and convenience. Its ease of installation, versatility, and energy-saving features make it a must-have for any home or garden space.


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