About Us


We were formally established in 2005 as Ninghai County Yufei Plastic Electric Appliance Factory, mainly providing customized products for customers at that time.

Over the past 20 years, our long-term investment and development in the field of LED products has created many unique products for our customers. There are also patented products designed by ourselves.

In 2020, in order to better face the world, we changed our name to Ningbo Yunsheng Electric Co., Ltd.


We always insist on continuous efforts and innovation to improve product quality and production efficiency. Our products are of high quality, affordable price and long service life, which are deeply loved by customers. We have successfully launched a variety of new products to meet the different needs of the market and won high recognition from customers.


We have a raw material workshop of 2000 ㎡ and advanced equipment, which not only improves our production efficiency, but also ensures the quality of our products. There are 20 fully automatic environmental protection plastic presses, which can produce 8000 product originals every day, providing a stable supply for our production workshop. When each product enters the production workshop, we will test the safety and power of the battery to ensure the quality and safety of the product. After the production is completed, we will conduct a quality inspection of each product, and conduct a battery aging test for products with batteries to ensure the durability and performance of the products. These rigorous processes allow us to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.
We have 38 CNC lathes. They can produce up to 6,000 aluminum products per day. It can meet the diverse needs of the market and make the product more flexible and adaptable.


We divide products into 8 categories, including flashlights, headlamps, camping lights, ambient lights, sensor lights, solar lights, work lights and emergency lights. Not just lighting, we have diversified the application of LED lighting products in life, making it bring more convenience and fun to life.

Our outdoor flashlight series uses high brightness LED beads, which not only have higher brightness but also longer service life. It is suitable for various outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, exploration, etc. The headlight series is very suitable for workers, engineers, and DIY enthusiasts, allowing users to maintain a clear view and free their hands during work.

The outdoor camping lights series adopts an energy-saving and environmentally friendly design, providing soft and comfortable light and creating a warm atmosphere in the wilderness. The ambient light series brings more colors and emotions to home life, making the home more warm and personalized.

Our Cob floodlight headlight use two different types of LED and COB beads. At the same time of long-range shooting, it also achieves floodlight, making the line of sight clearer and wider, suitable for various outdoor activities, such as night sports, hiking, camping, etc. Waterproof design is equally fearless in rainy or humid environments. The breathable design of the headband provides maximum comfort, and the adjustable design is suitable for various head shapes.

The solar and working emergency light series adopts intelligent sensing technology, which can automatically turn on or off without touching, making it very suitable for outdoor and garden use. The solar lamp series utilizes solar energy for charging, providing long-lasting brightness and the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection.


Finally, we also have custom gift lights, which can be customized and designed according to the needs of customers to meet the needs and tastes of different customers.

Our LED product series will bring more convenience and fun to life and work, while adhering to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, making lighting more intelligent and sustainable.


Our R&D team has rich working experience and profound technical skills. We attach great importance to the research and development process of each product. From the initial concept of design to the later production, we uphold a rigorous and meticulous attitude. Every year, we invest a lot of resources and energy in research and development to ensure that our products always maintain the leading position in the industry.

Our research and development capabilities are not only reflected in product innovation, but also extend to the optimization of production processes and the improvement of production efficiency. We are constantly exploring new production technologies to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, so as to achieve greater commercial value.

In the future, we look forward to showing you more and better products to further prove our R&D strength and innovation ability. We look forward to working with you to create a better future.


We attach great importance to the understanding and confirmation of customer needs. We understand that each customer has unique needs and expectations, so we will listen carefully to your needs, provide professional advice, and provide customized products and services according to your needs.

In order to ensure the quality of our service, we have established a professional customer service team and regularly train our staff's service skills. In addition, we have established a customer satisfaction survey mechanism to collect your feedback so as to continuously improve our services. We always strive for excellence to increase your satisfaction. We strive to provide better products and services to every customer. Rest assured, our commitment remains the same to provide the highest quality service to our customers.