Riding headlights red warning taillights LED waterproof bicycle lights

Riding headlights red warning taillights LED waterproof bicycle lights

Short Description:

1. Material: ABS+PS

2. Headlamp beads: 3030 spherical patch dual core 1W (white light)

3. Tail light beads: 3014 led * 14 (red light)

4. Power: 3W/Front light lumen: 150LM, Tail light lumen: 60LM

5. Illumination distance: About 100 meters for the front light, Tail light: about 50 meters

6. Battery: polymer lithium battery (300mah)

7. Discharge time: 3-5 hours/Charging time: about 3 hours

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Product Details

This bicycle light set is made of high-quality ABS+PS material and can withstand harsh terrain and weather conditions, ensuring durability and lifespan. The headlights are equipped with advanced 3030 spherical SMD dual core 1W white light beads, which can provide 200LM bright lighting with a lighting distance of up to 100 meters. Illuminate your path and keep it safe
We are also equipped with tail lights with 3014LED * 14 red beads, providing clear and vibrant red light. The lumen output of this tail light is 60LM, which can remind drivers and other cyclists to pay attention to your presence, making your nighttime cycling safer. The tail light illumination distance can reach 50 meters, with a wide coverage range
The bicycle headlights and taillights are powered by a large capacity polymer lithium battery with a capacity of 300mAh. The battery ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to ride longer without worrying about running out of battery. Our bicycle light pack is rechargeable and environmentally friendly, making it a sustainable choice for enthusiastic bicycle enthusiasts.


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· With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, we are professionally committed to long-term investment and development in the field of R&D and production of outdoor LED products.

· It can create 8000 original product parts per day with the help of 20 fully automatic environmental protection plastic presses, a 2000 ㎡ raw material workshop, and innovative machinery, ensuring a steady supply for our manufacturing workshop.

· It can make up to 6000 aluminum products each day using its 38 CNC lathes.

· Over 10 employees work on our R&D team, and they all have extensive backgrounds in product development and design.

· To satisfy the requirements and preferences of various clients, we can offer OEM and ODM services.

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