High brightness sensor USB rechargeable LED induction headlights

High brightness sensor USB rechargeable LED induction headlights

Short Description:

1. Material: ABS

2. Lamp bead: XPE+COB

3. Power: 5V-1A, charging time 3h Type-c,

4. Lumen: 450LM5. Battery: Polymer/1200 mA

5. Irradiation area: 100 square meters

6. Product size: 60 * 40 * 30mm/gram weight: 71 g (including light strip)

7. Color box size: 66 * 78 * 50mm/total weight: 75 g

8. Attachment: C-type data cable

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Product Details

This headlight is made of high-quality ABS material. The combination of XPE and COB beads ensures a perfect balance between long-distance brightness and short-range floodlighting.
The maximum brightness of the XPE+COB rechargeable flashlight is 350 lumens, which can easily illuminate 100 square meters. Whether you need to navigate in the dark or work in dimly lit spaces, this flashlight can provide protection. Its durability, versatility, and powerful lighting will ensure that the required light is always present during use.
There are multiple modes to choose from, and you can adjust the brightness level as needed. LED provides strong and weak light options, while COB provides strong and low light, as well as red and red flashing modes.
This flashlight is not only powerful, but also very smart. With its sensing function, you can easily switch between LED white light and COB white light. This function is very convenient when different types of lighting are required.
This flashlight has a small size of 60 * 40 * 30mm, and weighs only 71g, including the light strip. Wearing it for a long time without any discomfort.


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