portable foldable 360 degree rotation magnetic work light

portable foldable 360 degree rotation magnetic work light

Short Description:

1. Material: ABS

2. Beads: Multiple COBs

3. Charging voltage: 5V/Charging current: 1A/Power: 5W

4. Function: Five levels (white light+red light)

5. Usage time: Approximately 4-5 hours

6. Battery: Built in high-capacity lithium battery (1200mA)

7. Color: Black

8. Features: Strong magnetic suction at the bottom, 180 degree rotation, suitable for any scene

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Product Details

In a busy work environment, an efficient and practical work light is indispensable. This newly designed work light is available in large and small sizes to meet your lighting needs in different scenarios.

The large work light is about 26.5cm long when unfolded, while the small one is more portable and has an unfolded length of 20cm. Whether you're in a spacious studio or a small maintenance bay, this work light will provide you with ample illumination range. The unique cob floodlight and LED ceiling light design makes the light more uniform and soft, while the 360-degree rotating lighting function allows you to freely adjust the light direction to illuminate every corner.

The bottom of this work light adopts a magnetic and hook design, so it can be easily attached to a metal surface or hung on a wall or bracket. This innovative design not only improves ease of use, but also brings more possibilities to your workspace.

In addition, we also specially added the cob red light emergency lighting function. In an emergency, just switch with one button to provide stable red light illumination to protect your safety. The convenient charging design means you don’t have to worry about running out of power and can maintain optimal working conditions anytime and anywhere.

With its diverse model selection, powerful lighting functions, convenient bottom design, and practical features such as emergency lighting and fast charging, this work light has become a powerful assistant in your work. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, it can bring you a more efficient and convenient lighting experience.


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