Hot selling rechargeable aluminum alloy COB Keychain light

Hot selling rechargeable aluminum alloy COB Keychain light

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Keychain light is a popular small lighting tool that integrates the functions of keychain, flashlight, and emergency light, making it very practical. This keychain lamp adopts a combination design of aluminum alloy and plastic, which not only ensures the durability of the lamp, but also makes the entire lamp very lightweight and easy to carry. We are the source manufacturer of this lamp. Can customize keychain lights of different specifications

  • Light Mode:: 3 mode
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Material: Aluminum alloy+PC
  • Light source: COB * 30 pieces
  • Battery: Optional built-in battery (300-1200 mA)
  • Product size: 60*42*21mm
  • Product weight: 46g
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    diodes on the same semiconductor chip. Through high-density arrangement, the brightness and utilization of lights are greatly improved, and it is also very power-saving. In addition to its function as a flashlight, this keychain light can also be used as an emergency light, which is very convenient. In addition, the bag on the key chain light is also designed with a bottle opener, which can meet the needs of outdoor use and save the space for carrying tools. In addition, this keychain light has a strong magnet on the back, which can be adsorbed on metal, which is very convenient for work and maintenance. In addition to being easy to carry, the keychain light can also be very conveniently carried around, hung on a key chain or placed in a pocket for easy use at any time. It is also very simple to use, just press the switch to turn on. At the same time, the durability of this keychain light is also very high. Having a good keychain light can make people's lives more convenient, and it can illuminate your way anytime, anywhere, allowing you to deal with various situations more calmly. In short, this aluminum alloy and plastic keychain light has a series of practical functions such as COB lighting technology, emergency light, bottle opener on the bag, and strong magnet on the back. It is very suitable for people who need to carry lighting tools with them. Whether you are an outdoor sports enthusiast or a business person who travels all year round, such a practical and convenient keychain light is


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