New professional high-power zoom tactical 20W flashlight

New professional high-power zoom tactical 20W flashlight

Short Description:

1. Material: Aluminum alloy

2. Beads: White laser/lumen: 800LM

3. Power: 20W/Voltage: 4.2

4. Running time: Based on battery capacity

5. Function: Main light strong light – medium light – flashing, COB side lights: strong weak – red light – red and white warning light

6. Battery: 26650 (excluding battery)

7. Product size: 180 * 50 * 32mm/Product weight: 262 g

8. Color box packaging: 215 * 121 * 50 mm/total weight: 450g

9. Product selling point: With a broken window hammer, magnetic suction, and rope cutter

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Product Details

                                                                       **Product highlights analysis**
The core advantage of this carefully designed product lies in its flexibility, versatility, and high efficiency and practicality. Specially equipped with a 26650 detachable rechargeable battery,
it not only meets the needs of long-term use, but also provides personalized choices according to different battery capacity requirements of customers.
Its unique combination of white laser main lamp and COB measuring lamp not only has high brightness, but also allows for easy adjustment of the light source.
The telescopic focusing function makes the light application more precise. The combination of hidden safety blades and high hardness tungsten steel hammer tips ensures both safety and durability of the product.
The strong magnetic design on the back allows the product to firmly adhere in different scenarios, making operation more convenient.
The addition of a fast charging interface makes battery charging faster and more efficient, greatly improving the user experience.
Whether it's outdoor exploration, emergency rescue, or daily work, it will be your most capable assistant.

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