Courtyard garden induction lighting solar lamp

Courtyard garden induction lighting solar lamp

Short Description:

1. Material: ABS+PC+solar panel

2. Light source: 2W tungsten filament lamp/color temperature 2700K

3. Solar panel: single crystal silicon 5.5V 1.43W

4. Charging time: direct sunlight for 6-8 hours

5. Usage time: fully charged for about 8 hours

6. Battery: 18650 lithium battery 3.7V 1200MAH with charge and discharge protection

7. Waterproof grade: IP65

8. Product size: 170 * 120 * 58 mm/weight: 205 g

9. Color box size: 175 * 133 * 175mm/complete weight: 260 g


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Solar outdoor lighting
This is a retro LED bulb shaped solar induction light. The lamp body material is made of high-quality ABS and PC materials, equipped with solar panels. It uses the energy of the sun to charge during the day and automatically lights up at night. This lamp is easy to install and there is no need to worry about wiring. It can be installed wherever there is sunlight, not only providing lighting but also enhancing the atmosphere of the courtyard.
The lamp beads are made of 2W tungsten lamps with a color temperature of 2700K, creating a soft, warm, and enjoyable lighting effect. The single crystal silicon solar panel with a voltage of 5.5V and a power of 1.43W ensures that sunlight can be effectively converted into electricity and can be charged even on cloudy days. Charging time in direct sunlight is 6-8 hours, and you can rely on these solar garden lights to illuminate your outdoor space all night.
Using a 18650 lithium battery with a capacity of 3.7V and 1200MAH, it has a charge discharge protection function to ensure the service life and durability of the lamp.



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