Advantages of COB LED

Because of the multi-diode incorporation, there is a lot of light.
It produces more lumens while using less energy.
Due to the limited light emission zone, the device is small in size. As a consequence, the lumen per square centimeter/inch has grown significantly.
To active the many diode chips housed in COB LEDs, a single circuitry with only two connections is used. As a result, there are fewer parts per LED chip that are necessary for proper performance. Furthermore, by reducing the number of components and eliminating the standard LED chip architecture packing, the heat created by each LED chip can be decreased.
Due to the extreme ease of installation in an outside heat sink, the entire temperature range of the entire assembly is lower. When you keep things at a set temperature, they last longer and are more reliable, which saves you money.
Clarity is improved, and efficiency is boosted.
Since it can cover a big area with one chip, it has a huge focusing area.
Excellent anti-vibration properties

Disadvantages of COB LED

A well-engineered outside power source. That occurs since it requires a steady current and voltage to avoid damaging the diodes.
A well-designed heat sink is very important. If the heating element is not properly placed, the diode will be destroyed due to overheating. Due to the highly focused light waves emitted from a limited area, a considerable amount of heat is created.
Lighting fixtures with cob chips have a lower repairability. That is because in case one of the solitary diodes in a COB is damaged as a result of a mechanical malfunction, the entire COB led must be substituted with a newer one. In the case of SMD LED, however, if one fails, it is simple to change it and get it back to operate at a lower cost.
Color selection is limited.
More expensive than SMD chips.

Multiple Uses of COB LED

COB LEDs have a wide range of applications, extending from residential to industrial utility, with some of them being:

COB LEDs would be used primarily as solid-state lighting (SSL) substitutes for metal-halide bulbs in street lighting, high-bay lighting, downlights, and high-output track lights.
They are useful in LED lighting fixtures for placement in living rooms and huge halls because of their wide-angle beam.
High lumens at night time are required in spaces such as a playground, gardens, or a large stadium.
Additional applications incorporate basic lighting for passageways and corridors, fluorescent lighting replacement, LED lamps, light strips, smartphone camera flash, and so on.

Post time: Jan-10-2023