Quality Quick Effect Yoga Body Slimming Roller Massager

Quality Quick Effect Yoga Body Slimming Roller Massager

Short Description:

  • Light Mode:: 3 mode
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Material: Aluminum alloy+PC
  • Light source: COB * 30 pieces
  • Battery: Optional built-in battery (300-1200 mA)
  • Product size: 60*42*21mm
  • Product weight: 46g
  • Description: Muscle relaxation massage stick
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: Long 43CM Ball diameter: 8.8CM
  • Product weight: 338 grams
  • Color box packing: 44*9*9CM
  • Weight with package: 410 grams
  • Product Detail

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    Product Specifications

    Quick release in tension and an increase in blood circulation to the area, helping to reduce your calf, quad, IT bands or hamstring cramps tremendously.
    Help with lengthening and stretching out your muscles by applying pressure to the problem area. 
    Comfortable handles keep your muscles from knotting up and helps to keep the muscle soreness at a minimum.
    Compact in size. you can use the roller on whatever area you need to work on. 


    Make A Massage For Your Muscles
    After a sweaty workout, if you don't massage the stiff muscles, it is likely to form elephant legsand cause muscle strain. After exercising, massage the muscles to avoid soreness the next day,beautify the body lines, and double the effect of the exercise
    Relieve neck and shoulder painrestore girlish temperament
    Soothes neck and neck muscles, improves neck stiffness, relieves trapezius muscles,Shape the swan neck curve, fragrant shoulders and thin back, enhance the temperament.
    Tight arms
    goodbye bye meat
    You can easily massage the arm with one hand, slender arms, remove butterfilysleeves, and dress with small exposed arms to exude charm.
    Taking care of multiple parts of the body
    Suitable for all parts of the body such as shoulders, back and legs
    Activate key training areas before exercise and relax tense and painful muscles after exercise
    Comfortable massage

    Push and press close to the body, the rebound is stable
    Massage the pain point to activate the power and make the sore sore

    Features of our back scratcher

    3d three-dimensional floating point
    reasonable massage design

    Organic polymer material, close-fitting and precise pressing, clear feedback of body touch
    Effectively relax tense muscles and reduce soreness the next day

    Steel shaft doubles theload-bearing capacity Smooth rolling, strong and durable, safer to use

    Essential physical therapy equipment suitable for athletes, physical therapists and physical workers alike.
    Comfortable, deep tissue massaging of any part of the body, including back, shoulders and thighs.
    Easy to use handles featuring non-slip padding for a firm grip and minimum fatigue on your hands while using the muscle roller stick. It feels great on the body.
    The perfect length to reach all places | applying just the perfect tension required to soothe painful muscles, accelerate recovery and improve blood circulation, as well as decreases soreness.

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